We develop smarter strategies and execute them in exciting, persuasive integrated campaigns which make brands stand out from the crowd.


More Opportunities

Are you looking for more client opportunities for your business? Would you like to motivate old clients  to return or stay in business with you?

A well developed digital strategy is the answer to your questions.


Find more clients with oriented posts

at appropriate timings .


Visual Media

It is possible to orient posts or advertisements to potential clients in one or many locations such us cities, regions or countries with certain profiles, this so that your products and services are seen everywhere.


Its not just about the language. Your advertisements will have a great component of graphic media to call the attention of the client.



Think about this:

Right now, at this moment a potential client is looking for information regards your product or service: Do you think they would find your business as they search?



Evaluate, Take Action!

Other media channels cannot be measured however with the Internet you can find out specific results of the campaigns you place in the digital market, then you can evaluate and take action.


Every month you will have at hand all the information regards your website traffic, this will help you to improve your marketing plan.

Digital Strategy Services

Strategic Planning

Provide us with a brief description about your brand.


  • Hi.End connects with your brand, researches, finds your main target and consolidates your community approach.


  • We plan according to the research, segmentation and products.


After, we present you the best possible solution and planning for an specific period of time according to your needs.

Account Set Up

Upon our research and your final choice of social media channels we set up each account.


This setup includes:


  • Logo to be displayed at User ID*
  • Page Banner or cover
  • All relevant information about your brand


*Original logo file must be provided by the client, Hi.End can re design your logo at an extra charge.


Upon our research and planning, the topics, your community and the number of posts we offer you different graphic possibilities that will be used for your strategy or campaign over a certain period of time for posts.


Graphics that may be included in this package:


  • Vector images
  • Stock Photography
  • Gifs
  • Fonts



You may invest a certain amount of money on social media.


We suggest the best amount you should invest according to your brand but you have the final saying.


Investing Payments to social media are transparent what you pay them is what you get.


For this plan we offer a media planner for up to two social media channels.

At Hi.End Studios we will work with you to plan, design, and communicate the best digital strategic solutions, through the new media channels following with the current technical requirements and standards of the digital industry.


We generate a collaborative accompaniment with the client, developing dynamic visual communication strategies according to the advertising needs of the products and their industry; bringing to the table the possibility to become the marketing and design department of companies who do not have their own department without acting as a major advertising agency.

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